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The Working Principle of Lithium ion Battery

The Working Principle of Lithium ion Battery

  • August 16, 2021
  • Posted By : Eve
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Lithium ion batteries take carbon materials as negative electrodes and lithium compounds as positive electrodes. There is no lithium metal, and only

lithium ions exist. This is lithium ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in mobile phones, camcorders, notebook computers, cordless phones,

power tools, remote control or electric toys, cameras and other portable electronic devices due to their excellent characteristics.


Lithium ion batteries refer to lithium ion batteries as cathode materials. The charging and discharging process of lithium ion battery is the process of insertion

and deintercalation of lithium ions. The embedding and deembedding of lithium ions is accompanied by the insertion and deembedding of the equivalent

electrons, such as lithium ions, which are inserted or deembedded in the customary cathode, while the negative electrode is inserted or inserted. During charging

and discharging process, lithium ions are embedded in / off and inserted and inserted between positive and negative electrodes. They are known as "rocking chair



When the battery is charged, lithium ions are formed on the cathode of the battery, and the lithium ions generated are moving through the electrolyte to the negative

electrode. As the negative carbon is layered, it has a lot of micropores. The lithium ion, which reaches the negative electrode, is embedded in the micropores of the

carbon layer. The more lithium ion is embedded, the higher the charge capacity. Similarly, when the battery is discharged (that is, we use the battery process), the lithium

ions embedded in the negative carbon layer move out and move back to the positive pole. The more lithium ions are, the higher the discharge capacity.




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