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Application Prospect of Lithium Battery

Application Prospect of Lithium Battery

  • August 16, 2021
  • Posted By : Eve
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With the development of microelectronics technology in the 20th century, increasing miniaturization of equipment, puts forward high

demands on the power supply.The lithium battery then entered the practical stage of mass.


The earliest available is lithium battery, used in cardiac pacemaker.Due to the lithium battery self-discharge rate is extremely low, discharge

voltage is very gentle.That makes it possible to pacemaker implantation in the human body use for a long time.


Lithium manganese batteries tend to have higher than the nominal voltage of 3.0 v, is more suitable for integrated circuit power, widely

used in computers, calculators and watches.


Lithium ion battery a large number of applications in mobile phones, laptops, electric tools, electric car, street lamp standby power, navigation

lights, small household electrical appliances, can be said to be the largest application group.


In recent years, with the continuous advancement of lithium battery technology and the gradual decrease in cost, the application of li-ion battery

in the field of power tools has increased. The cordlessness and portability of power tools have made lithium-ion batteries better in the field of

power tools. The market has maintained a steady rise. The use of lithium-ion batteries in power tools has increased from 3 strings to 6-10 strings.

The increase in the number of single products used has brought a greater increase. Most power tools are also equipped with spare batteries, and

the battery replacement has also brought more output to the lithium-ion market.


What are the advantages of Lithium ion batteries?

*The working voltage is high. Using carbon-based compounds (such as high-purity graphite or petroleum coke) instead of lithium metal can reduce

 the battery voltage.

*The energy and density of Lithium ion batteries are also high for other batteries. Lithium ion batteries have high energy storage density.

*Low self-discharge and no memory effect. The production of a Lithium ion battery to the Lithium ion battery body with a protective plate can make

 the Lithium ion battery have an overcharge and over discharge effect. The Lithium ion battery itself has high power carrying capacity.

*Lithium ion batteries are green and environmentally friendly.

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